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I love to text!!!!!!!

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One thing I have to do in my free time is text. The number one person is my girlfriend. I also text a lot of other people to like my friends and people I don’t text much. I also play a lot of sports so this is what I do in my free time off sports. Well if you want I will write a post on all the sports I do, so if leave a comment below for that. So back on topic I love to text any time any where.  The reason why is that it helps me pass time or calm be down after I’m mad. Well that’s all for today see ya’ll later.

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Today I’m writing about the place I love to go to. Can you guess what it is? It’s C.O.C.R . Which stands for Central Ohio Competition Rides. It’s a race track out Sugar Grove, Ohio. So I’m going to tell you about this awesome place. So yeah here it is.

     Where is it at?

C.O.C.R is located outside Sugar Grove, Ohio(43113). i have been going here for many years and many more to go. It’s a all-volunteer club. I use to be a member until i couldn’t find time to race and stuff. Well the great thing about C.O.C.R. is you will always have a great time there.

                        Facts About C.O.C.R

Here are some very interesting facts about C.O.C.R and Sugar Grove. 1. Was made in 1967 . 2. Sugar grove’s population is mostly white people. 3.  AMA is a sponsors C.O.C.R.  4. They hold races almost all year around.  5.  District 11 supports their affects. Well that’s the end of

                       MY STORY HERE

So here’s my story. It’s 7 A.M race day  I was four   I was ten seconds till gate drops I have a feeling in my gut that here on this cold muddy day. Was the day I win. The gate drops all 25 riders speed off in the first turn!

I’m in the lead up the first hill and the rest of the the tack. Four laps down one to go my dreams are about to be reality.  Don’t get mad I’m skipping to the end if not this would take a long time to read. Here I go down the final start away then the worst thing happens! I CRASH! Me and my bike goes sliding in the mud with four more racers right behind me.

Then my luck changes me and my bike cross the finish line! i get up covered head to toe in mud my brother Remington just crossed the line for a good fourth place finish. I get up thinking this was all a dream till a got hugs from all my family that was there. I did it I won a race at my home track.

I never thought that it would feel this great to win the race that you’ve practiced for. For me this was a life changing thing because of this race I train twice as hard.Now I have six first place trophies from this track in my trophy room. Well that’s all today in Colt’s Chat Zone, see ya’ll later 🙂

If you want you can go to their website at

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Book Report V.S Wallace

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       Today I will write about a book I’ve been reading in Reading Workshop it’s No More Dead Dogs written  by Gordon Korman.

The main person is Wallace Wallace. He is a tough, strong minded, football star. He has this really mean teacher who is giving him detention because he wrote a bad book report on Old Shep, My Pal.His teachers favorite book,  Wallace doesn’t like the book so he gave it a bad report. The teacher won’t stop giving him detention until he gives a good book report on Old Shep, My Pal.

So his team tries to get him off detention by pulling pranks on the Drama Club. Mr. Fogelman thinks it Wallace but its the team who is doing it  so Wallace can play  the great game of football. And that’s all I have on no More Dead Dogs. See ya’ll  later. Bye 🙂

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