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The Off Season.

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well right now I’m on the off season for football. Most of you are probably thinking what is a off season. Well it’s the time of between seasons. I’m already training for next year. My goal this year is top be able to throw 38 yards. Still healing from my hand injury. One more week and I’ll have full motion hopefully.

I really don’t like the off season because I don’t have anything to do After school but training and I get really board. I have this game for my Wii and it’s a NFL training camp. It’s really fun. I hate the off season.True I don’t break my bones as much But i can’t stand not playing a sport for 2-3 weeks. I have things like travel teams I play on sometimes but this year I don’t have a team.

My next sport I have is wrestling. I play for Logan Elm. I have been playing for Logan Elm for three years. But I have been wrestling for about 8 years. I played for two other teams. Whitehall little Rams and Licking heights Hornets. I love playing for Whitehall not only did I play for the basic team. I was apart of their skilled team. On their skilled team there was ten kids. We went to meets all around the state of Ohio!

I had fun playing for Licking heights but I got board of playing for three teams so I quit the team. It was fort my best. If i didn’t quit I’d run out of energy to play sports.

I still am a Whitehall Rams fan. So GO RAMS and GO BRAVES

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Not Afraid

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You know what makes me really mad. It’s when people are say your scared but they are too. So I was on YouTube last night and searched one of my favorite songs. Can any of you guess what they are? One is Not Afraid by Eminem. The others are Love The Way You Lie, Space Bound, and Cleaning Out My Closet. Those songs are also by the one and only Eminem. I have other favorite songs but if i keep going I’d fall asleep. My first song that I heard by Eminem was Not Afraid. Like I said in other post Eminem is my all time favorite rapper. Well this dude is board. So um bye. Don’t forget to leave a thing below. Bye:)

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My cell model

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 Today on Colt’s Chat Zone. I’m writing about a thing I’m doing in science. I have to make a model of a cell. It can be a plant cell or a animal cell. I thought I should do  plant cell because I’m really good with working with wood, foam, and tools. My showing of my cell will be Monday October 29, 2012. At 11 o’clock Eastern time in my science. I’m really happy that I can show case my talent as a woodworker. To make this awesome cell.

                      Cells Are Every Where

Cells are in EVERYTHING from shoes, hair, blood, fibers, and much more. They are what keep us alive without cells there would be no brain cells with out brain cells we would be dead! Cells help us heal.

                  Are There Different Kinds Of Cells?

  • The answer is yes. There are  blood cells, hair cells, nerve cells, skin cells, and way more. There are about 60-100 trillion cells in us. There are one celled things and many cell thing. Us humans’ we have trillions of them just for us. Yeah so when you say you have nothing think twice you have cells.

                                    Parts Of The Cell

1. Nucleus- The part of the cell that controls activities of other parts of the cell.

2. Chromosomes- Stringlike structure in the cell’s nucleus that carries information controlling the cell’s activities.

3. Cell membrane- Thin outer covering that hold together the cell.

4 Cytoplasm- Clear jellylike material that fills the space between the cell membrane and the nucleus.

5. Mitochondria- Organelles where food and oxyen  react to release energy.

6. Vacuole- It stores food, wast, and water

7. Chloroplast- Makes sugar using carbon dioxide, water and energy

8. Cell wall-  Tough, nonliving material that acts like an outside skeleton for each plant cell.

Here’s something that I didn’t learn about but I know about it, so yeah here’s that part.

9. Nucleus membrane- It is a double-layered membrane enclosing the nucleus of a cell that controls what enters and leaves the nucleus..

And that’s a plant cell’s parts.

                               Down to the Wire

I have only two days left till my cell’s big day! I’ve worked on this cell thing for three nights I’m still not near done. Still have to paint it, repaint it, and then add chromosomes. I have to keep working on this beast of a cell. It’s made up of things  had laying around. It’s a sports based cell. So most of the things on them came from stuff i use to use.

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Me And My Sports!!!!!

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Some people say I need to play less sports. Come on people I only play baseball in the spring, motocross in the summer, football in the fall, and basketball and wrestling in the winter. I’ve choose to play what I want to play when I want.

My favorite sport of all the ones I play would have to be motocross because I have to go through a lot of training and work. I have to fix, work on, and clean them after every race. I use to have a CRF 70 four stroke that was made by Honda in 2007.I blow my top end on it in 2008 befor a big race in Toledo, Ohio. I was joy riding at C.O.C.R( You can read my other post about C.O.C.R) and I came out of the woods with smoke coming out from my muffler. Witch is not good for a four stoke at all. So after I look at my bike I knew I had blown my top end.

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Say No To The Haters!!!!!!!

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      Today on Colt’s Chat Zone. I’m writting this on a thing I get really mad at.HATERS!!! I’m sick and tired  of them. So what I break my bones a lot, so what if  I’m not dating the people you want me to, Not every one is perfect wait NO ones perfect. So all you haters out there reading this go hate  someone else.

I’m done with all you so if you hate me. I don’t care. So all you non-hater good job!! Thanks for not hateing. There needs to be more people like you guys non-haters. So I’m like Eminem I don’t care about the haters they can do something with thier lives. S here’s a quote for you guys ” You got enemies. GOOD. That means you done something with your life:Eminem. So that’s all today on Colt’s Chat Zone. Bye 🙂

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My Favorite Rapper.

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  Today in Colt’s Chat Zone. I’m going to write about my favorite rapper. Can any of you guys or girls  guess who he is. It’s Eminem! He’s my favorite rapper of  right now.

My favorite song has to be Love The Way You lie. It ‘s awesome an um great. Another reason why I like this song so much is because it’s my girlfriend’s and my my son  g, I think, In will have to check. My other favorite song is Solider, because it reminds me of the people fighting for our freedom in Iran and other places.

One other reason he’s my favorite rapper is becuase I can relate to the amount of haters he has and his quotes I can feel what he wants people to know that life is full on stuff you can’t contral.well that’s all today on Colt’s Chat Zone. Bye 🙂

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Read A Good Book!

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Today on Colt Chat Zone. I’m writing about another comment I made on a post about reading in The Reading Workshop. So all you readers out there reading this grab a good  book you enjoy and read it. But after you read this. Come on people it’s not hard to find a good book. So here’s my comment, so yeah.

I am reading  Chasing Lincoln’s Killer written by James Swanson. I love this book. It is amazing and exciting. If I was you I’d read it.

It’s about the planning and how President Lincoln and couple of other really great people got killed right after the civil war.

The best part that I’ve read is when President Lincoln comes back to life I thought he was died. But guess not. It’s a great book to read I will let my friends know how great it is.

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