The Bad Bad Cast!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

So today on Colt’s Chat Zone I’m writing about the cast I got for my broken hand.

Well here I go. It’s another Sunday game day. We are playing Canal Winchester at there field. We start to warm up for the game, like always our QB is late(not a surprise). The game before us ends they won. Our turn to play. At the sound of the quarterbacks count. Down, Set, Go! The ball is hiked the running back takes the hand off.CRACK. He goes down that’s the end of the play. I’m skipping somethings here but who cares.

We are up 6-0 we could taste victory. We start the third quarter with the ball we run a pass. The balls in the air I’m down field I hear the fans stop cheering I look back Canal has picked off the pass. I com running back up field I  hit him he stops more of the team comes to finish the tackle. One player from my team comes diving down to the pill of players. His helmet hits my hand I come up not able to move it.

My buddy on the team comes look at my hand and said” Dude you need to have couch look at that”

I said” NO!!! are you crazy the last thing we need is me let down the team. My fingers in my right hand. See the part that sticking up. Push on it really hard so I can’t move it”

.”POP! The bone popped in place. I’m not coming out until my hand falls off. Still in a lot of pain I still play. The play right after that I got my sixth sack of the season. The very next play they scored my heart sank right there on that field. We get the ball on the one. Right then I knew we could win. NO!!! WE drop the ball and canal pick it up. There I knew it was over. We lost a close game 6-8. After the game I had my mom look at it she a doctor. When she seen how bad it was I got rushed to the hospital in my car. It is broken in two place all the way down my hand and all the way across. I’m still playing football with this cast but can’t do stuff like grass drill and stuff.  Well that’s all today on Colt’s Chat Zone. Goodbye:)

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