Say No To The Haters!!!!!!!

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

      Today on Colt’s Chat Zone. I’m writting this on a thing I get really mad at.HATERS!!! I’m sick and tired  of them. So what I break my bones a lot, so what if  I’m not dating the people you want me to, Not every one is perfect wait NO ones perfect. So all you haters out there reading this go hate  someone else.

I’m done with all you so if you hate me. I don’t care. So all you non-hater good job!! Thanks for not hateing. There needs to be more people like you guys non-haters. So I’m like Eminem I don’t care about the haters they can do something with thier lives. S here’s a quote for you guys ” You got enemies. GOOD. That means you done something with your life:Eminem. So that’s all today on Colt’s Chat Zone. Bye 🙂

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  1. Mr. McGuire says:

    So if you are against haters then you must show the love to everyone. I am glad to hear that. I guess that means you will be kind and caring to all. I will be looking forward to having this wonderful student at Salt Creek. 🙂

    Thanks for taking time on your weekend off to blog about something that matters. And I never even thought of you as being anything but nice to your classmates!

  2. hannahc5555 says:

    This is really good to share because now the haters will understand we don’t care that they don’t care so good point!!!!! 🙂

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