Me And My Sports!!!!!

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Some people say I need to play less sports. Come on people I only play baseball in the spring, motocross in the summer, football in the fall, and basketball and wrestling in the winter. I’ve choose to play what I want to play when I want.

My favorite sport of all the ones I play would have to be motocross because I have to go through a lot of training and work. I have to fix, work on, and clean them after every race. I use to have a CRF 70 four stroke that was made by Honda in 2007.I blow my top end on it in 2008 befor a big race in Toledo, Ohio. I was joy riding at C.O.C.R( You can read my other post about C.O.C.R) and I came out of the woods with smoke coming out from my muffler. Witch is not good for a four stoke at all. So after I look at my bike I knew I had blown my top end.

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