My cell model

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

 Today on Colt’s Chat Zone. I’m writing about a thing I’m doing in science. I have to make a model of a cell. It can be a plant cell or a animal cell. I thought I should do  plant cell because I’m really good with working with wood, foam, and tools. My showing of my cell will be Monday October 29, 2012. At 11 o’clock Eastern time in my science. I’m really happy that I can show case my talent as a woodworker. To make this awesome cell.

                      Cells Are Every Where

Cells are in EVERYTHING from shoes, hair, blood, fibers, and much more. They are what keep us alive without cells there would be no brain cells with out brain cells we would be dead! Cells help us heal.

                  Are There Different Kinds Of Cells?

  • The answer is yes. There are  blood cells, hair cells, nerve cells, skin cells, and way more. There are about 60-100 trillion cells in us. There are one celled things and many cell thing. Us humans’ we have trillions of them just for us. Yeah so when you say you have nothing think twice you have cells.

                                    Parts Of The Cell

1. Nucleus- The part of the cell that controls activities of other parts of the cell.

2. Chromosomes- Stringlike structure in the cell’s nucleus that carries information controlling the cell’s activities.

3. Cell membrane- Thin outer covering that hold together the cell.

4 Cytoplasm- Clear jellylike material that fills the space between the cell membrane and the nucleus.

5. Mitochondria- Organelles where food and oxyen  react to release energy.

6. Vacuole- It stores food, wast, and water

7. Chloroplast- Makes sugar using carbon dioxide, water and energy

8. Cell wall-  Tough, nonliving material that acts like an outside skeleton for each plant cell.

Here’s something that I didn’t learn about but I know about it, so yeah here’s that part.

9. Nucleus membrane- It is a double-layered membrane enclosing the nucleus of a cell that controls what enters and leaves the nucleus..

And that’s a plant cell’s parts.

                               Down to the Wire

I have only two days left till my cell’s big day! I’ve worked on this cell thing for three nights I’m still not near done. Still have to paint it, repaint it, and then add chromosomes. I have to keep working on this beast of a cell. It’s made up of things  had laying around. It’s a sports based cell. So most of the things on them came from stuff i use to use.

Some of the info from

image from


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