The Off Season.

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well right now I’m on the off season for football. Most of you are probably thinking what is a off season. Well it’s the time of between seasons. I’m already training for next year. My goal this year is top be able to throw 38 yards. Still healing from my hand injury. One more week and I’ll have full motion hopefully.

I really don’t like the off season because I don’t have anything to do After school but training and I get really board. I have this game for my Wii and it’s a NFL training camp. It’s really fun. I hate the off season.True I don’t break my bones as much But i can’t stand not playing a sport for 2-3 weeks. I have things like travel teams I play on sometimes but this year I don’t have a team.

My next sport I have is wrestling. I play for Logan Elm. I have been playing for Logan Elm for three years. But I have been wrestling for about 8 years. I played for two other teams. Whitehall little Rams and Licking heights Hornets. I love playing for Whitehall not only did I play for the basic team. I was apart of their skilled team. On their skilled team there was ten kids. We went to meets all around the state of Ohio!

I had fun playing for Licking heights but I got board of playing for three teams so I quit the team. It was fort my best. If i didn’t quit I’d run out of energy to play sports.

I still am a Whitehall Rams fan. So GO RAMS and GO BRAVES

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